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Professional real tennis player
Professional real tennis player
Get a taste for the twists of Real Tennis
Real tennis is an exciting, ingenious, intriguing sport played on a Merton Street court which has seen action since 1595. With balls bouncing off walls, targets to aim for, and a handicap system that means players of different ages, genders and standards can compete against each other on an equal footing, it’s a perfect sport for those who value a challenge… and our club pros are on hand to make sure no one gets lost.
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The game is played year-round on an indoor court with odd but cunning twists that add ways to win points and keep rallies going that you will never have dreamt of. We should add that for modern comforts there are changing rooms and refreshments on site, along with some very comfortable sofas.

At top level it’s an extraordinary test of strategy, skill and fitness – Roger Federer was enchanted by the game when he gave it a go a few years back.

For a brief introduction to the court here at Oxford, go to:

For ordinary mortals it’s hardly so daunting. The court is smaller – less distance to run – and the scoring system (like lawn tennis but with an added wrinkle) gives you a second chance at points.

Try a taster session

Andrew and Craig, our two Professionals, can set you up and provide lessons at any standard. If you’ve any eye for a ball of any shape or size, you’ll find it fascinating. And if it sounds mystifying come and see for yourself. Even better, come and try for yourself!

The Club is running taster sessions for anyone interested – and if you’ve friends, colleagues or visitors who can be tempted to a very Oxford experience then give us a call. We can set up evening events – catered if you wish – at a very reasonable cost.

Ways into Real Tennis at Oxford
Thanks to the generosity of the Stubbings Bequest we are able to offer the following discounted methods of entry.
  1. Four week package of lessons for a group

    This is a no-strings taste of the game comprising:

    • Four weekly sessions at a time to be agreed, for four people.

      If you can arrange a group for four friends, that's ideal, otherwise leave it to us to put you into a group.

    • On the final session there will be a group activity such as a mini-tournament.
    • The cost is just £60 per person.
  2. New members' introduction
    • Full club membership
    • Brand new racket
    • 3 x 1 hour lessons
    • 3 x games against other members

    The total cost for these is £400, a saving of over £200 if you bought the items separately

Just contact Andrew or Craig at the Club on 01865 244212 or email pros@outc.org.uk.