Oxford University Tennis Club


All are welcome to join. The senior club is open to those who are not members of Oxford University as well as those who are. (The majority of members are in fact non-university).

You can have beginners’ lessons and borrow racquets before you join, and the professionals - Andrew and Craig - will be happy to arrange a few matches as an introduction.

Fees and Charges (from 1 January 2023)

Item Student Senior
Full Membership £45 £250.00
Full Membership (OUTC not your primary club) £230.00
Full Membership aged under 18(student), under 28(senior) £22.00 £75.00
Country/Occasional Membership £75.00
Country/Occasional Membership (OUTC not your primary club) £65.00
Court Fees (per person)
Singles (45 minutes) £4.50 £9.00
Singles (one hour) £6.00 £11.50
Singles (one hour, peak time) £12.50 £12.50
Doubles (45 minutes) £4.00 £7.00
Doubles (one hour) £5.00 £9.00
Other Charges
Lesson fee (45 minutes, plus appropriate court fee) £12.00 £22.50
Lesson fee (1 hour, plus appropriate court fee) £15.50 £30.00
Racquet hire £1.50 £2.00
Home match fee singles £12.50 £30.00
Home match fee doubles £12.50 £25.00