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Oxford University Tennis Club’s court in Merton Street is the home of real tennis in Oxford. This is the original tennis, played in an indoor court with sloping surfaces, galleries, and other unusual features.

Although generally referred to as Oxford University Tennis Club (OUTC) or the club, the Merton Street premises are shared by two organisations: the OUTC itself to which members of Oxford University can belong, and the Oxford Senior Tennis Club which is open to others. In practice students and others combine as one entity to enjoy the game together. There is play at all levels with junior, student and senior members playing all the year round, overseen by two full time professionals. Membership is simple – just phone or call in and talk to the pros.

If you’d like to know more about the sport, you’re welcome to come along to the club and watch a game. You will find it a friendly place. There is also an introduction to the King of racquet sports and its rules under About Real Tennis.

We are grateful for the following for their sponsorship of senior tennis.

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